Thursday, 21 November 2013

Washing Machine Repairs Warwick

Same Day Washing Machine Repairs in Warwick

If you need a washing machine repaired and you are in the Warwick area you can contact Premier Electrics on 0800 592107 and we can have a washing machine engineer out to you the same working day. Premier Electrics specialise in German appliances, therefore if you require a Bosch washing machine repair in Warwick or perhaps a Siemens or Miele washing machine repair in Warwick, we are the company to contact. 

Not only do we carry out German washing machine repairs in Warwick but we can also carry out all other domestic brands of washing machine repairs in Warwick. Simply to go our webpage and book online or call our call centre on 0800 592107 and they will be happy to help.

Premier Electrics also cater for Washer Dryer & Tumble Dryer repairs in Warwick, plus our engineer is happy to work on both integrated and free standing appliances.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Miele W5877

If your looking for a perfect was then look no further the Miele W5877 will provide you with a perfect wash.

With its A+++ energy rating this machine will save you money on your electricity bill yet still produce a perfect wash.

Miele W5877 comes with a 20 minute quick wash for the times when you need something clean quickly which can come in handy if your going out and you need to wash something quick.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Miele T8860

Now it may be summer which is the perfect time when doing washing up you can leave it in the sun to dry but what happens when it rains or the summer is over? well here at premier electrics we have a solution the T8860.

The T8860 has a drying capacity of 8Kg which is perfect if you have just done a big wash and want to get it all dried quickly.

With a delay timer of 24 hours this will be perfect if you need something dried ready for when you wake up or get back from work that way it doesn't just sit there once its dried.

T8860 also comes with a Honeycomb drum which helps prevent damage to your clothing with its smaller holes and the honeycomb drum is designed to create a small cushion of air so your cloths shouldn't get caught up in the drum.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Miele WT2789i

Not enough space for a washing machine and a dryer but still want Miele quality product?

Well look no further the WT2789i is the machine for you.

With it being one of our top sellers with its 2 years parts and labour guarantee, A+ washing and A drying performance rating and a max spin speed of 1600.

The WT2789i may only have a 5.5kg wash and a 3 kg dry capacity which makes it perfect if you only have to do small washes.

So why not take a look at the WT2789i and see if its perfect for you!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Spare Parts

With in the next week we will be selling spare parts on our new E Bay site these parts have been ordered but not used so all parts are still new and in working order the box may be open but that would only be me checking the quality of the part as we do not want to give you any parts that had been used or were damaged in some way so why not check out our new E Bay shop at  ebay.co.uk/premlec

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer sale is over!

With the summer sale finishing Saturday I hope you all grabbed your self a deal on our appliances!

Even though our summer sale is over doesn't mean we wont give you a good deal we are always looking at our prices and are always changing them to always give you the best possible price and still giving you top quality service and products you deserve all new and fresh out the box.

So why not check out our Website at www.premierelectrics.co.uk

Friday, 24 May 2013

All New Bosch Washing Machines!

I've just been given a list of all new Bosch washing machines that are now on sale on our web site! So why not take a look at them, to follow will be links to each one with a bit of a description about them.

WAS28840GB the first of the new machines, the WAS28840GB has a 8kg drum so this is perfect for when you use your washing machine and you like to do a big load of washing in one go, it has a top spin of 1400 and has a energy efficiency rating of A+++ along with this it also has a large LED display to show what setting, how long for, how fast and what temperature you have chosen.        

With the WAS32760GB you will get a 9kg drum this is perfect for families to help get the huge loads of washing done as quick as possible but still have perfect results every time specially with the 1600 spin speed. this machine also comes with a delay start which would be perfect if your working all day and you don't want the clean cloths just to sit there then you can set the time so they finish the wash as you get back home.

WAS28761GB has a 9kg drum and a 1400 spin speed so this is perfect for people who don't need a high spin but need to wash a lot in one go this machine also has a delay start timer on it so you can start your wash when ever you need to. The WAS28761GB has a energy efficiency rating of A+++.

WAS287B0G also has a 9kg drum and a 1400 spin speed in fact this is the same as the WAS28761GB but this model comes in black so those people that have a black kitchen or would just prefer a black machine this is the machine for you.

The WAQ2436SGB has a 8kg wash capacity and a 1200 spin speed so this is perfect for when you have a big wash to do but don't need such a high spin speed, the WAQ2436SGB comes with a program called Active Water this Program makes sure that no matter how much you put in it uses the right amount of water for the load that is in it also will pick up the water with the arms in side and as it gets to the top will release it to make sure the water is always clean.

These are just a few of the new Bosch washing machines to come out and I will let you know what they are in another post so why not have a look at our website and grab your self a deal!